Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion trends 2011 Spring Fashion of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani: Fashion Designer

The Armani Empire spans five levels of luxury: Giorgio Armani, an ultra-expensive couture line most often seen on movie stars and their spouses; Armani Collezioni, a chic ready-to-wear line specializing in handmade sweaters and sexy, slim-fitting suits; Emporio Armani, a sportswear line combining sultry Italian style with casual elegance; Armani Exchange, an affordable mass-market version of the season's hottest trends and key pieces, and Armani Junior, for the precociously stylish. The brands differ in price point, but share a common aesthetic of breezy, easygoing sexiness expressed by lush, layered fabrics, tight-fitting pants and skirts, and necklines that sweep more than plunge. The fashion house also produces its own denim label, sold in Armani Exchange stores, that is particularly good at enhancing one's backside.

Fashion trends 2011 Wide-leg pants: women's fashion trend

It must be said that wide-leg pants are not for everyone. It's for that reason that they've never been the dominant style to conquer the streets (not in the average fashioniers' lifetime, anyway) and, while we count them amoung 2011's fashion trends, we don't expect their lack of mass popularity change in a hurry. Skinnies have a long life left in them yet; but this is an year in which flares are on-trend, and wide leg pants are there alongside them. But while the wide-leg may not become your new wardrobe staple just yet, don't overlook it as an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire, particularly when styled right.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fashion trends 2011 Men's suits: modern suit styles for 2011

Men's fashion trends are greatly different to women's. They exist, yes. But their cycle moves much slower.